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Facebook, Instagram Aim to Restrict Cosmetic Surgery Posts
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Turn your next Facebook ad into a sale.
By: Naren Arulrajah

A Facebook strategy that includes paid advertising will greatly enhance the results of your social media marketing campaign if you roll it out correctly.

With an enormous base of 2.3+ billion users, Facebook is by far the leading social media platform. Further, its strategic collaborations make it easy to link your Facebook account with other popular platforms like WhatsApp (1.5 billion users) and Instagram (1 billion users), to name just a few. When grouped together, these platforms can reach more than 50 percent of the population on our planet.

If you don’t have a business page, you’ll need to create one before starting your ad campaign. From there, simple prompts will walk you through the process. Facebook can help you reach a target audience based on demographics (related to age, gender, and geographic location), personal interests, and subscriptions.

With use of advanced tools, your future customers can see a consciously placed ad for your business, even when they are browsing outside of Facebook (like a Google search or a YouTube video), provided they do so using their smartphone or one of the IDs tracked by the ad.

When creating your campaign, remember ads that drive these elements home:

Familiarity or awareness: Many users may be unaware of your company prior to seeing your first Facebook ad. Conversely, the more times they see your ad, the more familiar (and trustworthy) you become.

Positive opinion: You want to highlight the benefits of engaging with your business. For instance, your Facebook ad could highlight the convenience of your business (like location, home visits, etc.), any membership reward programs, seasonal discounts, and more.

If the above two elements are handled properly, they will generate a solid marketing lead or actual purchase.

Once your users are intrigued, you should have a URL that redirects them to an exclusive landing page. The text copy, images, fonts, and colors used in this landing page should seem like a seamless continuation of the original Facebook ad. Do not forget to capture contact details through this page—ideally, both their phone number and their email address—before redirecting users to a “Thank you” page.

Follow up on every Facebook lead using the contact details generated from the above step and send:

Two emails: One to welcome/ thank visitors for their interest and another to educate them about the different ways they can engage with your business.

One text message: This will help establish mobile contact so they have your number for the future. This may also entice them to call immediately after viewing a tempting offer.

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