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With Barry DiBernardo, MD

In each edition, Modern Aesthetics® asks top cosmetic physicians about the newest devices they are using in their practices. In this issue, Barry DiBernardo, MD, medical director of New Jersey Plastic Surgery in Montclair, NJ, discusses Cynosure’s TempSure Surgical radiofrequency (RF) technology, which has “revolutionized” his practice.

What is TempSure Surgical RF technology?

Barry DiBernardo, MD: It is a new enhancement to the TempSure RF platform that provides us with the ability to perform surgical procedures using energy instead of scalpels. It includes a variety of electrodes that integrate seamlessly with the main unit. It is powerful and has a lot of energy behind it: 300 watts and 4 MHz radiofrequency, to be exact. This allows surgeons to craft very precise incisions.

There are other benefits to cutting with energy instead of a knife. When cutting with a scalpel, a surgeon can feel tension on the skin, but there is no resistance when you cut with energy. Energy coagulates as it cuts, and this coagulation lessens sparking and charring during procedures, which promotes quicker recovery and better healing for our patients.

Are there other benefits compared with traditional surgery?

Dr. DiBernardo: When we looked at collagen fibers after traditional incisions and compared it to incisions with TempSure RF using scanning electron microscopy, we found that collagen fibers from the knife were irregular, but with TempSure, the collagen was smooth and regular. This can be why we see very little scarring after the energy-based surgery.

How are you using TempSure Surgical RF in your practice?

Dr. DiBernardo: We are using it to perform blepharoplasties and to excise small lesions on skin, especially those in highly visible areas like the nose. We are going to start using it for breast lifts and breast reductions because it did so well on facial skin. We also pair the surgical procedure with TempSure Envi, a device for treating facial fine lines and wrinkles by performing RF surgery on the upper lids and using Envi on the lower lids to treat fine lines and crepiness.

Is there a learning curve?

Dr. DiBernardo: There is a slight learning curve as surgeons need to get the feel of the device. You need to see it performed once and get pointers from an experienced surgeon as there are nuances to cutting with energy.

How are you marketing this procedure to new and existing patients?

Dr. DiBernardo: We tell patients that this is a surgical procedure done without a scalpel because we are cutting with energy. Once we say that, they seem to understand the concept. We also show them photos, which helps them to visualize the procedure and results. It has improved my surgical procedures and delivered fantastic results.

I immediately noticed cleaner cuts and optimum coagulation during surgery, which gives me the confidence to tell my patients they will experience less bruising and better wound healing.