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News from recent meetings, and a guide to upcoming events.

Technology Watch: Don’t Sweat it Positive Data for Microwaves for Axillary Hyperhidrosis

Long-term 12- to 18-month data presented by Lupin, et al. at the ASDS Annual Meeting in Atlanta suggest that a novel microwave device is effective for treatment of primary axillary hyperhidrosis. Thirty-one (31) adult subjects with primary axillary hyperhidrosis (HDSS ratings of 3 or 4, and a gravimetric sweat assessment of at least 50mg in each axilla) were enrolled at two sites. All subjects had one to three treatment sessions with the miraDry system (Miramar Labs, Inc.) over a six month period. HDSS efficacy (reduction to a score of 1 or 2) for evaluable subjects was 100% at 12 (26/26) and 18 (17/17). Gravimetric assessments at 12 months post-treatment showed an average reduction in sweat of 82%. Patient satisfaction was very high: 89% (23/26) at 12 months and 94% (16/17) at 18 months.

The most common side effects were altered sensation in the skin of the underarm (resolved in all cases) in12 subjects, or short-term swelling in the arm or chest that also resolved (in 8 subjects).

Management Tip: LISTEN IN Tape Record Appointment Calls

To improve the front office performance at your practice, consider tape recording and reviewing patient appointment calls, said Allan S. Wirtzer, MD, at the 2012 Cosmetic Surgery Forum in Las Vegas. “The person answering the phone is first contact that a potential patient has with your office,” says Dr. Wirtzer. Thus, it’s important that they have a pleasant voice and can answer any questions patients might have, he continued. Recording calls therefore enables clinicians to educate staff members who aren’t following those guidelines and ensure that calls are being handled appropriately.

Technology Watch: No Pain. No Gain RF Body Shaping Appears to Be Painless

TriPollar via the Apollo device (Lumiere Medical and Pollogen) offers effective, pain-free treatment of cellulite and circumferential reduction, said Ronald L. Moy, MD at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery 2013 Annual Meeting. “TriPollar treatments have a truly attractive profile for non-surgical body contouring and anti-aging,” Dr. Moy said in a statement about his presentation. “I have used nearly every other non-invasive technology available, and when it comes to patient satisfaction, TriPollar is superior.”